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hotel rating 4 out of 10 4/10 на базата на 2 Мнения

Съотношение качество/цена: Съотношение качество/цена: 2.0 от 5Съотношение качество/цена: 2.0 от 5 | 2.0 от 5
Местоположение: Местоположение: 2.0 от 5Местоположение: 2.0 от 5 | 2.0 от 5
Персонал/обслужване: Персонал/обслужване: 1.5 от 5Персонал/обслужване: 1.5 от 5 | 1.5 от 5
Стаи/настаняване: Стаи/настаняване: 1.5 от 5Стаи/настаняване: 1.5 от 5 | 1.5 от 5
Храна: Храна: 1.0 от 5 | 1.0 от 5
Забавление: забавление: 2.0 от 5забавление: 2.0 от 5 | 2.0 от 5

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20.08.2013 08:06

Вид пътуващ/и: двойка на почивка

Хотелски рейтинг: <b>Хотелски рейтинг</b>: 2 от 5<b>Хотелски рейтинг</b>: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Съотношение качество/цена: Съотношение качество/цена: 2 от 5Съотношение качество/цена: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Местоположение: Местоположение: 2 от 5Местоположение: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Персонал/обслужване: Персонал/обслужване: 1 от 5 | 1 от 5
Стаи/настаняване: Стаи/настаняване: 1 от 5 | 1 от 5
Храна: Храна: 1 от 5 | 1 от 5
Забавление: забавление: 2 от 5забавление: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5

Хотел Аугуста

Хотелът е много зле. От тридневният ни престой вместо приятно изкарване, понатрупах малко нерви. Кренвирш и зелева салата и чашка нишесте за вечеря - мизерни порции), закуската е на блокмаса, като само първите могат да опитат от всичко. В 9:00ч. кафето свършва, яйцата свършват, остава хляб и конфитюр и повече не се зарежда- който ял- ял, който пил- пил....
Единият ден (от общо 3 престой) нямаше топла вода, а климатикът се доплаща по 5 лв. на ден, нищо че не е обявено подобно условие в офертата.
Вярно, че хотелът не парадира да е от висок клас, но мисля, че за 70 лв. за нощувка и храна, трябваше да се постараят поне малко, наистина минимално. ГОЛА ВОДА!!!

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16.07.2009 05:01

Хотелски рейтинг: <b>Хотелски рейтинг</b>: 2 от 5<b>Хотелски рейтинг</b>: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Съотношение качество/цена: Съотношение качество/цена: 2 от 5Съотношение качество/цена: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Местоположение: Местоположение: 2 от 5Местоположение: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Персонал/обслужване: Персонал/обслужване: 2 от 5Персонал/обслужване: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5
Стаи/настаняване: Стаи/настаняване: 2 от 5Стаи/настаняване: 2 от 5 | 2 от 5

Хотел Аугуста

Hi all, i recently, well actually just this morning, arrived home from a one week stay at the Augusta hotel in sunny beach with my boyfriend. when looking on the internet fro something quiet, nice and affordable i came across the Augusta. it looked very nice and extremely friendly which hooked us in straight away and at a price whihc was well in out budget. However, we were both very disappointed on arrival. We were taken through Sunny beach on a lot of drop offs, ours being the final one and much to our suprise we were taken up a fairly steep hill to the hotel, this was the first shock as the advert for the hotel mentioned nothing about a hill, good job neither one of us had walking dfficulties eh. We were then greeted by the hotle staff, 2 women, fairly quiet and brief meeting, she took the passports to note down info which we waited for in the 'lobby'. we were then next shown to our room which was, as specified, not ground floor but up a few flights of stairs. we were next to the room and left to our own devices. Problem number 2, we were staying bed and breakfast, we received no info on breakfast times or location of the restaurant. The room was very basic with 2 beds, a TV, wardrobe and fridge/mini bar, the bathroom was basic too with just a plug in the floor which was where the water went during a shower, a toilet and a sink with mirror. we had a small balcony whcih overlooked what appeared to be a abandoned house, some trees, other hotels and a small snipit of the sea. The view wasnt that unpleasant to be fair. Next problem, there was a pool pictured and mentioned on the advert but there was no pool to be seen, at this point we were both shocked and very annoyed at the lack of communication the staff had with us on arrival. so we took a visit to the staff, they then showed us the pool and restaurant and explained about times of places of breakfast...finally. The pool wasnt very big and was quite shaded so not much sun got in but at least that was there. We then took a stroll to the sea front, this supposedly 200m away? I dont think so!!! it was a fair walk to the beach and it was badly signposted. Once we were there it was a relief and the walk down the beach front was nice. So it comes to bedtime, the beds were incredibly uncomfortable and made so much noise everytime you moved so through the hole 7 nights we were there we got little sleep. The next day we had a visit to the rep just a little welcome meeting which was good to get info on things to do and so on, we were picked up at a bus stop about 5-7 minute walk from the hotel which we thought was a little tight, why not come to the hotel? Anyway after a few stops at other hotels and no one else joining we went to a restaurant to see our rep all went well and we booked a few trips. We then went to the pool for some sun, thunder and a swim. Next complaint, the maid service, we worked out that the maids visited every other day however im a little unsure as to what they did =s, yes our beds were made but they werent changed our hole stay, we didnt receive new towels and the bathroom wasnt cleaned, gross!! Well as you can see by my short novel neither i or my partner was impressed by this hotel or more so the lack of info we got about it before or whilst we were there, im afraid i would not recommend this hotel it just wasnt really an enjoyable experience for us and considering it was rated 3* i was expecting a little bit more in the way of service and comfort. The time spoent out of the hotel made the holiday enjoyable but knwoing we had to return at least once a day was the worst part. I can see that im so far the only one to complain haha. Im just saying it how it was on our holiday.


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